Wedding Cake

You’ve heard the story about the Supreme Court upholding the right of a creative professional to turn down work. The famous wedding cake.

It means that being an artist (I am one), I can refuse to make something beautiful with my talents and abilities- paid or unpaid. It’s a perquisite that says that if I find something ugly, you may not force me to make it beautiful.

In my view, I don’t even need to give you a reason. If asked, the answer is no. No explanation is required. Just because you want me to make some pretty thing, it doesn’t mean that I am required to think of a reason why I won’t make it for you. I’m an artist. I said no. That is all.

Welcome to the professional world the arts! I’ve had this experience myself over the years, working with other artists. Sometimes, for whatever reason, they say ‘No’. It happens all the time! It may be a guitar riff, a saxophone solo, or an edgy portrait.

You may not force a creative person to perform in a way that suits YOU if they do not wish to create thus.