Zane Henry, Freelancer

I am a video motion graphics designer based in Port Hadlock, Washington.

My specialty is video shorts (one to two minute videos) for YouTube and social media and websites, and for video brochures.

A Video Brochure from Hong Kong.

My freelance work is at the lower end of the economic scale, but I try for high production values so, I’m good for beta testing marketing ideas out there, without busting the bank. I have experience working with script writers, voice actors, and 3D animators, and I can produce an entire project if asked, or work within a more limited freelance role in 2D motion graphic video.

This is a project in which I did everything: editing, motion graphics, art direction, production, and was Executive Producer. The video was written and spoken by Michael Rivero:

The video has over 1.1 million views on YouTube.

The YouTube version is Here

The Amazon version (more motion graphics and a more modern feel) is Here.

Here is my Portfolio on Vimeo.