My videos usually have fairly quick cuts between the scenes. I sometimes use a boutique video sequence or a stock video at the start, which is an old technique developed in the 1980’s, to set the tone of what should become a final custom animated video. This technique gets the results quicker and in a more economical way and you’ll see the results in most of my work. Next to that I regularly work in animated text, 3D models (CGI) and parallax. Of course, this site cannot contain every video I’ve made. Therefore I’ve made a selection. I tried to show the diversity of my work on my sizzle reel, in subjects as well as in techniques.

Video Production

Animated video of up to 87 seconds is $350.
Audio package- writing a script, drafting a voice actor, and musical background is $200.
3D animation package- 4 different scenes of animated 3D objects or people is $200. not including the cost of the 3D models.

Larger Portfolio: