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As a Producer of video for advertising purposes, it is my place to give my best advice to customers in regards to the use of video content from my studio. My best advice is to avoid Google and Facebook for the following reason: those companies are using surveillance software to target your customers without their knowledge by turning on a microphone on various devices. They are targeting customers based on their private conversations.

Advertising this way says two things: (1) that you would like to have their business (they’ll see your ad) and, (2) by way of doing so, that you approve of the surveillance state of things. It’s not possible to opt out of the targeting scheme at this point in time.

Therefore, my best advice is to use my video works on video brochures.


The targeting that Big Tech thinks you need can be done by you and your staff. When you are in contact with the public, targeting and qualifying can be done as a natural process of building personal relationships and video brochures can be your ‘power tool’ for converting them into customers.

It’s been said that advertisers can expect at least a three times return on investment from a video brochure campaign.


Video Brochures are an attractive alternative that avoids the prickly problem of invading the privacy of potential customers on the Internet. Here a talk about some of these issues as we contemplate Internet advertising in 2019 and consider the alternative of Video Brochures:

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